Welcome to Inlinino

Inlinino is an open-source software data logger for oceanographers. It primarily log measurements from optical instruments deployed on research vessels during month long campaigns. Secondarily, it provides real-time visualization, which helps users troubleshoot instruments in the field and ensure collection of quality data. Inlinino is designed to interface with either serial (RS-232) or analog instruments. The data received is logged in a timestamped raw format (as communicated by the instrument) or in a comma separated file (csv) for easy importation in data analysis software. Typically, a new log file is created every hour for simplicity of post-processing and easy backups. Instruments supported are: SeaBird TSG, Satlantic PAR, WET Labs ECO sensors (e.g. ECO-BB3, ECO-FLBBCD, ECO-BBFL2, ECO-3X1M, ECO-BB9, ECO-BBRT), WET Labs ACS, Sequoia LISST, and analog sensors through a data acquisition system (DataQ DI-1100 ). Other instruments can be added via the user interface if they output simple ascii data frame, otherwise the code is intended to be modular to support new instruments. The use and validation of the software are documented in Haëntjens and Boss 2020 (DIY Oceanography).